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Zira’s life had always been filled with hatred and evil. Though most lions knew what a bitter and strange lioness she was few knew why she had become this way. Most blamed scar for her corruption and no one went further than that. But Zira’s story runs deeper than most lions could ever imagine and it all had to do with the half moon tear in her ear. When she was just born she was a sweet cub loving and playful unrecognizable as the evil lioness that we now know her as today…. “Mother may I go play in the grass over there?”, Zira pleaded to her mother.

“Sure my love just be careful. We picked up some strange scents recently around the meerkat tree so make sure you stay clear of there.” Her mother answered getting ready for a nap.

“Okay mama I promise!!” and with that Little Zira bounded into the grass after  a fluttering butterfly. She had not gone far when she started to smell something odd, sort of like her paw did when she had got a bloody pad. She sniffed around and was startled when she bumped into the meerkat tree. Staring wide eyed at the tree her fur started to stand up something shinny and round was leaning against the trunk.  As she looked further some strange green flappy objects with spider webs holding them to the ground. She moved around the tree and saw what had to be the ugliest animal she had ever seen it was covered with more of that weird flappy stuff and it looked as if all is fur had fallen out except for a strange mane on just the top of its head. She let out a screech and ran. The ugly creature heard and snatched up the shiny thing and chased after her.

A ways away Ziras mother heard her daughters cry, “stupid cub!! Why is she by that tree?” she raced towards her daughter and just before she saw Zira… BANG.

After the single crack of thunder the savannah lay quiet and nothing stirred for what seemed like an eternity Zira found her mother and buried herself in her moms cold fur trying to make her warm then her world went black. She awoke in a strange place, it looked like spider web but it was hard and cold, her claws could not cut through it. She also realized she was moving and that it smelled really bad in the cave she was in. then the cave lurched and she was thrown against the cold webs. She heard immense shouting and strange noises. The back of the cave opened and bright light shown through, she was lifted with her webby prison out of the cave. She saw the strange ugly creature on the ground with his hands being held with more of the silver web stuff, there were more creatures around her with stars on their chests. And they put her along with other strange things, like an elephant tusk into a new moving cave.

They brought her out of her webby cage and put her on a large shinny table she got poked and prodded they shone lights in her eyes and mouth then she blacked out again.  When she woke up her ear hurt terribly and she was in another moving cave she moved her ear and it felt heavy like something was stuck on it. She tried to scratch at it but it hurt too much, she fell asleep again. When she awoke the next time she felt dirt under her fur and could no longer smell the ugly creatures and she drowsily searched for something familiar. She saw the meerkat tree and perked up, but then a wave of sorrow hit her, her mother what had happened to her she rushed over and called for her mama but no one came.

She wandered back to her den and found her father pacing about, “ZIRA!!” he stammered then raced over to her. She flopped down, her father sniffed at her like a mad lion, “what is wrong? What is that smell, what is this!! Where is your mother!?”

“The ugly creatures with the hard spider web traps hit her with thunder, then they stole me and my ear hurts real badly.” Zira cried shrilly.

“None of what you are saying makes any sense!! Where is your MOTHER!!” his patience lost Zira’s fathers temper flares.

Tears in her eyes Zira repeats her story and her father rips the tracking tag from her ear and races from the den. Zira waits for him to return and for three days sits in the den; her ear still hurts and her stomach yells at her, but she stays. On the sixth night she finally decides to get up and find food or something to fill her. She makes her way to the stream near her den and bends to take a drink, but weak from her terrible ordeal she falls to the water. She barely struggles as the water pulls her along, she doesn’t care anymore there is no one left for her. Her heart starts to freeze over with sorrow and hatred and that’s when she feels the sharp teeth on her scruff, she opens her eyes to see a handsome lion dragging her along to the shore, she feebly tries to help him but she just makes things more difficult and stops.

Feeling the teeth leave her scruff she looks properly at the Lion a scar crosses over one of his eyes and he seems a bit thin but still he was strong enough to save her. She tries to stand but finds no strength in her legs, or in any part of her for that matter. “Thank you” is all she manages to say before passing out.

From that moment on Zira and Scar became inseparable, much to scars regret, and Zira’s heart never warmed to anyone, but her brave lion. His word was her law and she would follow him even after his demise, and to her own end.


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Devinital-TLK Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
An interesting take on Zira's life. Thanks for entering.
LaurenBlu Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:D thank you, and no problem.
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